Bidding is still not over but Canada, China and South Korea are on the line to be part of the project. Polemic is growing among Congolese population though as this project is made by industrial corporations and seems to be mainly made for industrial plants (Katanga, South Africa, etc…). The Congolese Government doesn’t seem to be that much involved in this project. It looks like the Congolese population won’t see a kW of the electricity produced by this gigantic hydro-electric complex. I hope it is just false rumors because that would be one more thing that the Congolese people wouldn’t be enjoying. What good is there to have all the resources in the world if other countries just take it for almost free???

Congolese Action Youth Platform

WORK on the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam will start in October 2015 in the Democratic Republic of Congo after talks between DR Congo and international officials.


Sunday’s meeting on the proposed Inga dam on the Congo river also involved multilateral lending institutions.

A statement said the “foundation stone will be laid in October 2015.”

“With a production of 40,000 megawatts, the Grand Inga project will eventually provide electricity to half the African continent,” it said.

This is less than half of the DR Congo’s total hydropower resources, which the World Bank estimates at 100,000 megawatts.

World Bank estimates suggest that if completed and running at full capacity, the complex could provide energy to up to 500 million African households.

The first phase of the project, Inga 3 Basse Chute, will have a capacity of 4800 megawatts.

The Paris meeting follows a deal signed on May 7 between South Africa and…

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