[Misambu] “Butumbi” by Jacques Tshimankinda


YouTube Videos & Tshala Muana

I must say I’m disappointed they blocked my Tshala Muana video from playing. The only intent was to provide lyrics for a beautiful song. The video was not monetized as I know it’s a content subject to copyright. This said, I’m also really surprised that an artist as popular as Tshala Muana, to this day, still doesn’t have an official website or a YouTube channel. We all know those are the basics for a prominent international artist.


I remember I complained about it a few years back and, since, many Congolese artists have, at least, created a YouTube channel and/or an Instagram page. Because she doesn’t have an official page, may channels put her videos online which is not practical for consistency. Moreover, when the videos are shut off for copyright claims, it is almost impossible for her fans to listen to their favorite songs once it’s removed from the platform.

Among our Congolese big artists, most of them do have a YouTube channel. Tshala Muana , for some reason, remains one of the big artists who doesn’t have anything for her fans to follow. What is her manager doing? Is it that they don’t care about the fans? Is it a problem of copyrights? The question remains opened but a website of some sort is LONG overdue!

If you also wish to have an official website/page for Mamu Nationale, please share this post.

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SM Sanga Balende is the #1 football club in Kasayi, based in Mbuji-Mayi. There, there is also AS Bantous and in Kananga, there is US Tshinkunku.
The song is praising SM Sanga Balende Wa Banjelu ni Bansantu who has been pretty successful these past few years. We wish them to soar even higher and stronger! Congolese football is good!


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