The US Rape of the Congo — The Most Revolutionary Act

Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth Friends of the Congo (2012) Film Review Crisis in the Congo is a heart breaking documentary about the invisible US proxy war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For the last 20 years, the US (and Britain) have been arming and training Rwandan and Ugandan-backed rebels who are […]

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RDC-Rwanda Quart de Final CHAN 2016 : Match de Football au Rapport de Forces Politique

Source: RDC-Rwanda Quart de Final CHAN 2016 : Match de Football au Rapport de Forces Politique

Rwanda has recently been named the African country that most developed in the past year. Sorry but building a country upon the blood of the neighboring nation is not a success. It’s shameful. They may praise their president but we know what he did. This victory was really needed to remind them that gains wrongfully acquired will never profit them in the end.

Chan 2016: la RDC élimine le Rwanda (2-1)

Source: Chan 2016: la RDC élimine le Rwanda (2-1)

[Today in History] January 30th



2016 – DRC beats Rwanda 2-1 in extra time, in a very political soccer game during the ChAN quarter finals.

Insight – Slow start revives doubts about Congo campaign against Rwandan rebels


Congolese soldiers from FARDC receive instructions during their offence against the rebels from the FDLR in Kirumba village of Rutshuru territory in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

(Reuters) – The government soldiers manning an outpost high above the town of Kashuga have a panoramic view of the hills and valleys of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, home to hundreds of Rwandan Hutu rebels their government has promised to crush.

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Congo says kills rebels, gains ground in drive to crush insurgency



(Reuters) – The Congolese army has killed at least 10 rebel fighters and captured territory, weapons and men during its latest campaign to stamp out an insurgency in the east of the country, the government spokesman said on Sunday.

Seven rebel fighters have been killed in fighting near the town of Tongo in North Kivu province since

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[Today in History] December 25th


1996 – Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi forces take control of 80,000km2 of congolese territory.

[Today in History] December 10th


1996 – Rwandan Genocide: Military advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations Maurice Baril recommends that the UN multi-national forces in Zaire stand down.

2018 – Denis Mukwege gave his acceptance lecture in Oslo.

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Paluku & Ruberangabo : Que s’est-il Passé lors de la Démarcation de la Frontière entre Congo-Rwanda ?

The Eastern Congo Tribune

Julien Paluku & Enock Ruberangabo Julien Paluku & Enock Ruberangabo

Les commentaires et medias sociaux ont discuté l’incident survenu lors de la démarcation de la frontière entre le Congo et Rwanda. L’incident qui fait l’objet de cet article est l’expulsion de monsieur Ruhimbika Manassé dit Muller, ambassadeur itinérant du gouverneur du Sud-Kivu, monsieur Chisambo Marcellin. L’incident a fait l’objet des commentaires tournant dans le sens de discrimination ethnique comme l’ont dénoncé les parties opposées dont Enock Ruberangabo Sebineza et Julien Paluku Kahondja. Leurs avis sur cet incident peuvent être retrouvés dans leurs communiqués respectifs (Enock Ruberangabo et Julien Paluku)

Pour mieux comprendre comment de tels incidents sont différemment perçus pas des observateurs et surtout les utilisateurs des medias sociaux, le lecteur peut consulter ces liens suivants : et lien twitter (

Au lieu de discuter les raisons apparentes derrières cet incident, le bloggeur a choisi plutôt de vous interpréter cet…

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[Documentary] Mobutu, roi du Zaïre (1999)

Citùpà 1 – La conquête du pouvoir

Citùpà 2 – Le maître du jeu

Citùpà 3 – La fin d’un règne

[Documentary] L’Afrique en Morceaux (2000)

La tragédie des Grands Lacs

Citùpà 1:

Citùpà 2:

[Interview] Kambale Musavuli

Ces vidéos très intéressantes sont en anglais.

Interesting comments and analysis by Kambale Musavuli of Congolese history and major events in Congo that are all linked to USA from a way or another. These videos comfort my belief that wherever the US intervene, not only in Congo, they only leave a big mess behind that local populations have to deal with for decades. As long as their interest are untouched…

Dec 1,  2011 – Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

Dec 5,  2011 – Congo: Chaos By Design

Dec 12,  2011 –  The US, Mining and Dictators in the Congo


Mar 12, 2012 – Kony 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime

Mar 16, 2012 – US Supports Election Fraud in Congo

Dec 3, 2012 – With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo

Dec 6,  2012 – Is Susan Rice “Bad for Congo”

Rwanda genocide: ‘Domino effect’ in DR Congo


jean marie

As Rwanda remembers the 20th anniversary of the genocide in which some 800,000 mainly ethnic Tutsis were killed, massacres of Hutus in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo have been forgotten, writes the BBC’s Maud Jullien.

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[Documentary] Les Héritiers de l’Afrique Noire

Ducumentaire de 1h45 expliquant la guerre du Congo suivi de plusieurs documents sur Mobutu et “48h à Kinshasa’.