If you’re willing to get some books or audio support, here what you can get. Since DRCongo is a french speaking country, a lot of documents are in French but you can find some in English as well…



Albert Nyembwe has produced one of the rare audio lesson volume available outside of Congo. Knowing that Ciluba is a tone language, this is priceless!!! It consists of a 24 page booklet with a double CD. There are 25 lessons including vocabulary and sample sentences. There are the Français-Ciluba and English-Ciluba versions. I got it in 2010 for 25$ and it’s nicely done, actually.
To get your hands on it, contact Albert Nyembwe at sifumungu@msn.com

Also you have online content such as ERIC’s Livre du formateur, L’Esprit du Ciluba by Mukendi Kalala

Pius Ngandu Nkashama

  • Bidi ntwilu, bidi mpelelu, Lubumbashi, éditions Impala, 1997
  • Tuntuntu, ntuntu, Éditions Giraf – Baton Difunda, Paris, 2002
  • Mulongeshi Wanyi ntuntu, Éditions Giraf , Paris, 2003

Clémentine Faïk-Nzuji
Kasala et autres poèmes, Kinshasa, Mandore, 1969

Nsapo Kalamba
Bu Nkaaya Bwa Mufuki Mu Afrika, Afrobook, 2007

Mpunga Wa Ilunga
Bya Kumanya Pa Nselanganyi Ku Baluba, Afrobook, 2008

Last update: OCT. 12th, 2020

4 thoughts on “Cilubà | Ressources

  1. Hi
    Thank you for this site i’ve been hoping for so long. Have you heard of ntite Mukendi Kizito Aubert who wrote books about ciluba and the luba tradition ? If you wish i can send you more details.
    Best wishes
    Agnès Kanyeba Mukendi


  2. J’ai un projet. Je suis traducteur et desire travailler avec un linguiste qui a pu travailler sur le thiluba. Je veux qu’une equipe de ressortisants kasaiens se joignent a moi pour ce projet: linguistes, traducteurs, enseignants, auteurs…..J’habite les USA. Je m’etendrai davantage prochainement sur mon projet. Merci.


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