[Lupàndu] Corona virus Covid19 Update

Almost two weeks have passed and, like every one else in Europe and North America, our lives have been affected by the new Covid19 pandemics. Prisons are being emptied (including of dangerous criminals), law enforcement won’t act on non-violent crimes, small businesses close down by the hundreds, employees get laid off, looting has started in some places, economic indicators all drop, people work from home, schools and universities have closed, etc. So far, Contagion was not far off.

Let’s stay home, protect our families and keep calm. However, we’ve been following the numbers and they don’t make sense. Yesterday, it was announced Italy has surpassed China in death toll. That immediately stirred doubt because we all know China has the biggest population in the world and a lot of old people too. For some reason, the media don’t talk about that and go with whatever the official number is. Is it to prevent panic? Honestly, it’s best to know and be prepared.

Let’s talk numbers! Italy has a population density of about 150/km2 and a death toll of 3405 as of March 19th while Wu Han, the region where Coronavirus originated, has 3200/km2 and 3248 (whole China) but we’re supposed to believe that China was prepared to handle a new virus that nobody has seen before so well that their death toll after 3 months is lower than Italy after 3 weeks??? I don’t think so.

So I sat down in front of my computer and searched for China’s real death toll number on the internet and quickly found articles and posts that came as far back as early February that were talking about a 25,000 deaths and 155,000 cases!!! Seeing how bad it is in Italy, that sounds more believable. However, many talked about it on the web as being a low estimate as it is rumored China has been burning bodies without testing. Back in early January, Dr. Li Wen Liang warned us on Weibo (Chinese SNS) that the virus was not under control and people were dying left and right which is in contradiction with the official numbers China provided. Some reported that China has been dealing with it since the end of 2019, possibly as far as November, and has hidden it from the world. That’s why now we see China is at the end of their epidemic while we’re only starting. Who knows what the real casualty number is over there now? 30K? More? Italy should be our model and China’s numbers should not even come into the equation.

The 2-3 month crisis duration announced by the authorities may be the most optimistic outcome. This is true, if every one follows the quarantine recommendation when tested positive. However, we already know this is not the case. In the US, several cases have already been reported where the patient is tested positive but because they gave false information, they cannot be contacted to be advised to stay home. Also illegal immigrants are most likely not to go to the hospital. The youth worldwide is also less susceptible to follow the restrictions.

A lot of propaganda from China can be found on our social media from many blue checked accounts and relayed in the media, which doesn’t help the situation. Information retention is a suspect as well. China early on downplayed it, saying human to human transmission was limited and that youth was not affected. I don’t know what was the goal, was it to just preserve their image or more nefarious intentions are behind it? On top of it, USA is quite vulnerable as all their essential medicines such as penicillin and insulin are completely manufactured in China since 2004. How Asian countries are able to test twice as many people as Europe and US daily, especially when all countries supposedly work together??? Something is off.

So what do we know now?

  • Self-isolation is the best defense;
  • We will probably all get it eventually if no vaccine is developed quickly;
  • The restrictions are to avoid us getting sick all at the same time, just like in Italy where they’re at a point where they choose between who’s gonna get help and who’s not because the number of beds is limited and the recovery time for the most critical cases is 2-3 weeks, maybe more. This is why their death toll is so high right now (+600 death today March 20th, highest casualties in one day);
  • Coronavirus, with a basic reproduction number, also called R-naught (R0), of 1.4-3.9, is twice as much more contagious than Ebola and Influenza both at 1.4-2.7;
  • Coronavirus affects all ages. In Italy, half of the ICU patients are under 65 and some as young as 20;
  • The symptoms are fever/chills (98% of cases), fatigue (69%), cough/sore throat (59%), but also, diarrhea, headache, vomit, muscle pain, (you can have some of the symptoms, not necessarily all of them);
  • The incubation is 2-14 days in most cases, can be 0-27 days in some cases;
  • Some patients are asymptomatic (they show no sign of illness) but are highly contagious, hence the importance of testing people (false negative can occur);
  • People with a compromised immune system or pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory diseases, etc, have a much lower of chance to recover from the virus.

Questions that still need answers:

  • When will we get a vaccine?
  • Isn’t there alternative or preventive treatment?
  • Will the shift in temperature affect the propagation of the virus in the next few months?
  • Will the virus spread in the southern hemisphere or will remain contained?
  • Will China eventually reveal the real numbers?
  • Is Sauna or inhalation efficient to combat the virus?

[Vocabulary] Let’s Calculate! Substraction

1 1 = 0      umwe kumbusha umwe momumwe ne cijengu

2 1 = 1      ibidi kumbusha umwe momumwe ne umwe

3 1 = 2      isatu kumbusha umwe momumwe ne ibidi

3 2 = 1      isatu kumbusha ibidi momumwe ne umwe

4 2 = 2      inayi kumbusha ibidi momumwe ne ibidi

4 1 = 3      inayi kumbusha umwe momumwe ne isatu

5 1 = 4      itanu kumbusha umwe momumwe ne inayi

5 2 = 3      itanu kumbusha ibidi momumwe ne isatu


6 3 = 3      isambombo kumbusha isatu momumwe ne isatu

6 4 = 2     isambombo kumbusha inayi momumwe ne ibidi

7 1 = 6      mwandamuteketa kumbusha umwe momumue ne isambombo

7 5 = 2      mwandamuteketa kumbusha itanu momumue ne ibidi

8 1 = 7      mwandamukulu kumusha umwe momumue ne mwandamuteketa

8 3 = 5      mwandamukulu kumbusha isatu momumue ne itanu

9 1 = 8      citemba kumbusha umwe momumue ne mwandamukulu

9 6 = 3      citemba kumbusha isambombo momumue ne isatu

10 1 = 9    dikumi kumbusha umwe momumue ne citemba

10 4 = 6   dikumi kumbusha inayi momumue ne isambombo

10 10 = 0 dikumi kumbusha dikumi momumue ne cijengu

[Vocabulary] Let’s Calculate! Addition

0 + 1 = 1        cijengu ne umwe momumwe ne umwe

2 + 3 = 5        ibidi ne isatu momumwe ne itanu

4 + 5 = 9        inayi ne itanu momumwe ne citemba

6 + 7 = 13      umwe ne mwandamuteketa momumwe ne itanu

8 + 9 = 17       mwandamukulu ne citema momumwe ne dikumi ne mwandamuteketa


10 + 11 = 21  dikumi ne dikumi ne umwe momumwe ne makumi abidi ne umwe

12 + 13 = 25 dikumi ne ibidi ne dikumi ne isatu momumwe ne makumi abidi ne itanu

14 + 15 = 29 dikumi ne inayi ne dikumi ne itanu momumwe ne makumi abidi ne citemba

16 + 17 = 33 dikumi ne isatu ne dikumi ne mwandamuteketa momunwe ne makumi asatu ne isatu

18 + 19 = 37 dikumi ne mwandamukulu ne dikumi ne citemba momumwe ne makumi asatu ne umwe

Ainsi de suite… And so on… Anu nanku…

Flashcards Numbers

[Conversation] Numbers – Sample Sentences

Here’s a few sample sentences to show how numbers can be used in Ciluba. As I explained in the “Let’s count!” lesson, numbers from 1 to 6, used as numeral, go accordingly with the noun they follow. as such, they reflect the class the noun belongs to. you will see that modification in color in the sentences.

Ndi ne bidimu makumi abidi ne bitanu
J’ai 25 ans
I’m 25 years old

Udi muntumine mifuku ibidi ya tshombe
Il m’a envoyé 2 sacs de manioc
He sent me 2 bags of manioc (cassava)

Udi mumpesha nigensu inayi ya losa
Il m’a donné 4 casseroles de riz
He gave me 4 saucepans of rice


Kabeya mu mpanisha twela tusambombu
Kabeya m’a vendu 6 couteaux
Kabeya sold me 6 knives

Ndi musumba bibota bibidi ne dinga ya dimue
J’ai acheté 3 bananes et 1 mangue
I bought 3 bananas and 1 mango

Kwata bisaku bibidi bibidi
Prends 2 paniers à la fois
Take 2 baskets at a time

Muntu udi ne maboku abidi ne mikolu ibidi
L’être humain a 2 bras et 2 jambes
Human beings have 2 arms and 2 legs

Bantu ku bungi buabo badi nkama mwanda muteketa makumi asambombo ne umwe
Il y a, au total, 761 personnes
There are 761 people, overall

Let’s count!
Practice Counting in Ciluba

[Vocabulary] Tubalayi! / Let’s count! / Comptons!

0 cijèngù
1 ùmwà
2 ibìdì
3 isàtù
4 inaayi
5 itaanu
6 isambòmbò
7 mwandamutekèta
8 mwandamukùlù
9 citemba
10 diikùmi
11 diikùmi nè ùmwà
12 diikùmi nè ìbìdì
20 makùmi àbìdì
22 makùmi àbìdì nè ìbìdì
30 makùmi àsàtù
33 makumi asatu nè isatu
40 makùmi ànaayi
44 makùmi ànaayi nè inayi
50 makumi atanu
55 makumi atanu nè itanu
60 makùmi àsambòmbò
66 makumi asambombu nè isambombu
70 makumi mwanda muteketa
77 makumi mwanda muteketa nè mwanda muteketa
80 makumi mwanda mukulu
88 makumi mwanda mukulu nè mwanda mukulu
90 makumi citemba
99 makumi citemba nè citemba
100 lukama
101 lukama nè umwà
143 lukama nè makumi anayi nè isatu
200 nkama ibidi
201 nkama ibidi nè umwà
500 nkama itanu
1.000 cinunu
1.001 cinunu nè umwà
1.010 cinunu nè dikumi
1.111 cinunu nè lukama nè dikumi nè umwe
2.345 binunu bibidi nkama isatu makumi inayi nè itanu
10.000 binunu dikumi
20.000 binunu makumi abidi
54.321 binunu makumi atanu ne inayi nkama isatu makumi ibidi ne umwe
99.999 binunu makumi citemba ne citemba nkama citemba makumi citemba ne citemba
100.000 cishikula
1.000.000 mbombu (umwà)
2.000.000 mbombu ibidi
10.000.000 mbombu dikumi
100.000.000 mbombu lukama citotu (cimwà)


Note the forms mentioned there for numbers from 1 to 6, are the actual numbers, used as cardinal numeral pronouns or more commonly, nouns but used in a sentence as adverbs or adjectives, they will be modified accordingly to the nouns they follow…

ditala dimwe
un épi de maïs one corn cob
bintu bibidi
deux choses two things
bilamba bisatu
trois habits three clothes
mikanda inayi
quatre livres four books
mata atanu


cinq arcs five bows
tusuyu tusambombo
six haches six axes

Practice Counting in Ciluba

Sample Sentences