Here’s a few sample sentences to show how numbers can be used in Ciluba. As I explained in the “Let’s count!” lesson, numbers from 1 to 6, used as numeral, go accordingly with the noun they follow. as such, they reflect the class the noun belongs to. you will see that modification in color in the sentences.

Ndi ne bidimu makumi abidi ne bitanu
J’ai 25 ans
I’m 25 years old

Udi muntumine mifuku ibidi ya tshombe
Il m’a envoyé 2 sacs de manioc
He sent me 2 bags of manioc (cassava)

Udi mumpesha nigensu inayi ya losa
Il m’a donné 4 casseroles de riz
He gave me 4 saucepans of rice


Kabeya mu mpanisha twela tusambombu
Kabeya m’a vendu 6 couteaux
Kabeya sold me 6 knives

Ndi musumba bibota bibidi ne dinga ya dimue
J’ai acheté 3 bananes et 1 mangue
I bought 3 bananas and 1 mango

Kwata bisaku bibidi bibidi
Prends 2 paniers à la fois
Take 2 baskets at a time

Muntu udi ne maboku abidi ne mikolu ibidi
L’être humain a 2 bras et 2 jambes
Human beings have 2 arms and 2 legs

Bantu ku bungi buabo badi nkama mwanda muteketa makumi asambombo ne umwe
Il y a, au total, 761 personnes
There are 761 people, overall

Let’s count!
Practice Counting in Ciluba

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