[Documentary] Les Voleurs d’Uranium du Congo


[Documentary] Le sang Congolais dans nos portables (2007)

[Interview] Kambale Musavuli

Ces vidéos très intéressantes sont en anglais.

Interesting comments and analysis by Kambale Musavuli of Congolese history and major events in Congo that are all linked to USA from a way or another. These videos comfort my belief that wherever the US intervene, not only in Congo, they only leave a big mess behind that local populations have to deal with for decades. As long as their interest are untouched…

Dec 1,  2011 – Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

Dec 5,  2011 – Congo: Chaos By Design

Dec 12,  2011 –  The US, Mining and Dictators in the Congo


Mar 12, 2012 – Kony 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime

Mar 16, 2012 – US Supports Election Fraud in Congo

Dec 3, 2012 – With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo

Dec 6,  2012 – Is Susan Rice “Bad for Congo”

[Documentary] Le guide VICE du Congo

Partie 1

Partie 2


Partie 3

Partie 4

Partie 5

[Documentary] Kongo (2010)


Ce documentaire, mélangeant animations et images d’archives,  couvre l’histoire du Congo depuis sa découverte par Duarte Lopes jusqu’àa l’avènement de Joseph Kabila… ***CERTAINES IMAGES PEUVENT CHOQUER***


DR Congo: Cursed by its natural wealth



Dan SnowThe Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, but colonialism, slavery and corruption have turned it into one of the poorest, writes historian Dan Snow.

The world’s bloodiest conflict since World War II is still rumbling on today.

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