“Kamulangu” by Kebs

Afro beat version of Kasayi classic Kamulangu

[Bindìdìmbì] Sœur Oyo

Directing: Monique Mbeka Phoba
Year: 2014


Version Française

With English subtitles

“The Chief Enthronement” by Kasayi Allstars

I love this tune. It’s very joyful. I highly recommend you buy this album because it’s as authentic as it gets. Enjoy!


“Yangye, The Evil Leopard” by The Kasayi Allstars ft. Basokin

Kasai Allstars, it’s Baluba music as authentic as it can get. They are less famous than Tshala Muana or Bayuda du Congo but nonetheless very good representants of baluba culture. This music is relaxing and the dance moves a delight. Enjoy!

“Pamoja Milele” by Webi

Nice wedding song in Kiswahili and Taita language from Kenya. You can perceive the influence Congolese guitar. Remember, ever since the 60s, many of our Congolese artists gave master classes around Africa.

Title: Pamoja Milele (Together Forever) Artist: Webi
Year: 2014
Written by Benjamin Webi.
Arranged by Benjamin Webi & Robert ‘Rkay’ Kamanzi
Produced by Robert ‘Rkay’ Kamanzi at Ingoma Studio


Ninavyo kuangalia wapendeza (You are wonderful to look at)
Waufanya moyo wangu udunde (You make my heart race)
Sijawahi kuyahisi haya yote (I’ve never felt like this before)
Umenipa mapenzi tele tele (You’ve given me so much love)

Tumehusiana kwa muda mfupi (We’ve been together for a while)
Sikudhani nitakutana na we (I never thought I’d meet someone like you)
Kila siku pambazuko la mapenzi (Every day is the dawn of our love)
Wewe malkia mimi mfalme (You are Queen & I your King)

Ni wewe, kipenzi cha maisha (You are the love of my life)
Kilelele cha raha sitafika (My joy will know no end)
Si ndwele yale yaliyopita (The past doesn’t matter)
Nataka tuwe pamoja milele (I want us to be together forever)

Kwa loli mlungu wanirasimia (God has truly blessed me)
Wanineka mndu mcha unikunde (He has given me a good person who loves me.)
Ngelo ihi namfunyira chawucha (At this time, I give Him thanks)
Kwa gose aga wanibonyera (For all He has done for me)

Ni wewe, kipenzi cha maisha
Kilelele cha raha sitafika
Si ndwele yale yaliyopita
Nataka tuwe pamoja milele

Dikaie kwa lukundo kwa kala (Let’s stay together in love, forever)
Matuku ge lola gaida… (The days of searching are over…)

Ni wewe, kipenzi cha maisha
Kilelele cha raha sitafika
Si ndwele yale yaliyopita
Nataka tuwe pamoja milele

“Nzolo Katondi” by Les Bayuda Du Congo


“Ditu dya Nkodi” by Senda Mutombo


[Today in History] March 22nd



2014 – 251 shipwreck victims, 109 drowned, 101 missing and only 41 survived following the shipwreck of Congolese refugees returning to Congo, on Lac Albert. 3 days of mourning.


2016 – 31 dead and 340 wounded (bilan provisoire) in terrorist attacks that hit Belgium, one in Zaventem airport and one in Maelbeek metro station where at least two Congolese, Yves Ciyombo and Sabrina Fazal, died.

[Interview] Lambert Mende Omalanga (9 mars 2014)

Regardez l’intégralité de l’entretien d’Internationales avec le porte-parole du gouvernement, Lambert Mende Omalanga.

Lambert Mende Omalanga

[Today in History] February 13th



1651 – Flemish missionary Joris van Geel departs to Congo


2014 – Jean Baptiste Emeneya Mubiala Kwamambu aka King Kester Emeneya dies at age 57 in Paris, France

“Sampulula” by Madia

Title: Sampulula
Artist: Madia
Year: 2014


[Bindìdìmbì] La vie continue 2 – Le passage clouté

Titre: La vie continue 2 – Le passage clouté
Director: Carlos Kalonji
Duration: 6’55”
Production: Studio Malembe Maa
Year: 2014


[Today in History] December 15th



2014 – Wreckage on Tanganyika Lake, Katanga shore, causes 253 survivors and 129 missing

“Bakulumpa Bambila” by Kasayi Allstars

Kasai Allstars is a group absolutely loved by the african music critics and african music lovers and fans. Here’s one of their most recent piece. I bought the album and it’s really good. On the cover the album you can see an electrical likembe. Likembe is one of the traditional instruments of the Luba people and it can actually be found in diverse forms in  most countries of subsaharian Africa.

The lead singer is Papa Kabongo, one of the main actors of baluba folk music.

Title: Bakulumpa Bambila (Thus the Ancestors Spoke)
Artist: Kasayi Allstars
Album: Beware the fetish
Year: 2014


[Bindìdìmbì] Âme Noire

Titre: Âme Noire
Director: Armel Pululu
Durée: 10’50”
Rpdiction: Studio Malembe Maa
Year: 2014


Ebola Scare: Akon Performs In A Plastic Bubble In Congo.


Peace One Day

[Today in History] September 22nd


2014 – Shipwreck on Lwanga Tshimu river, near Kamako, Western Kasayi around 30 missing and 4 survivors.


1928 – Justin-Marie Bomboko Lokumba Is Elenge (Mongo), future Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1960 under Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba

1988 – Joel Omari Tshibamba, football player, is born in Kinshasa

“Zagada” by LDNC

Congolese artists based in London, UK

Title: Zagada
Artist: LDNC
Year: 2014


“Ndekelayi” by Sinda & Nada