genoLondon: We are fed up!! / Y en a Marre!! March against the genocide and the occupation of DR Congo!!

Congolese Action Youth Platform

Y en A Marre Protest poster
Last week over 400 bodies found in mass grave on the outskirt of Kinshasa. Amongst them were men, women and 300 fetus and still born babies. We are OUTRAGED by this news. Mothers of Congo and CAYP are calling for a march against the genocide and foreign occupation in the DR Congo.
Date: Friday 10th April 2015 at 12:00 starting outside the Rwanda Embassy.
Our demands:
– STOP Genocide of the Congolese people

– END the UN, Rwandan, and Ugandan occupation in the Congo

– END arbitrary arrests and detentions in the Congo

– FREE all Political prisoners!!!

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