[Interview] Esther Musube, Software Engineer


Esther is a young woman who reached out to me about two weeks ago and wanted her photo (see above) of her friend Joel and herself featured on my Instagram page @nationluba. I asked her why and she said she wanted to raise visibility of Luba people in tech companies and technical fields. When she told me she works for Facebook, I knew I had to have a talk with her. Despite the technical issues, we pulled through and today I’m able to share with you this video.

Esther grew up in Orlando and it was logical for her to study near her home. She’s finishing her degree at UCF, University of Central Florida, in Orlando. Because she is local, she didn’t have to pay much for her school so she doesn’t have any student loan. Which is awesome! Esther is a smart young lady and I wish her the best in her endeavors.


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[Blog] Le Congolais

Slam décrivant qui est ce Congolais bien habillé, bien coiffé que l’on croise le soir au détour d’une rue.

Vidéo intéressante en Lingala

[Vidéo] Bwanga bwa mênu mu Français cinyi?

La vidéo est très drôle mais fait ressortir l’importance d’apprendre à réfléchir, d’aller à l’école…
Inscrivez-vous à la chaîne YouTube de Franck Ciola pour plus de vidéos! Tout est en Cilubà! Twasakidila wa bungi, Franck Ciola wetu!

[Misambu] “Butumbi” by Jacques Tshimankinda


YouTube Videos & Tshala Muana

I must say I’m disappointed they blocked my Tshala Muana video from playing. The only intent was to provide lyrics for a beautiful song. The video was not monetized as I know it’s a content subject to copyright. This said, I’m also really surprised that an artist as popular as Tshala Muana, to this day, still doesn’t have an official website or a YouTube channel. We all know those are the basics for a prominent international artist.


I remember I complained about it a few years back and, since, many Congolese artists have, at least, created a YouTube channel and/or an Instagram page. Because she doesn’t have an official page, may channels put her videos online which is not practical for consistency. Moreover, when the videos are shut off for copyright claims, it is almost impossible for her fans to listen to their favorite songs once it’s removed from the platform.

Among our Congolese big artists, most of them do have a YouTube channel. Tshala Muana , for some reason, remains one of the big artists who doesn’t have anything for her fans to follow. What is her manager doing? Is it that they don’t care about the fans? Is it a problem of copyrights? The question remains opened but a website of some sort is LONG overdue!

If you also wish to have an official website/page for Mamu Nationale, please share this post.

Find me on YouTube and Instagram.

Tshala Muana posts

[Manaya] DRCongo Champions d’Afrique de Basketball 2019

Le Samedi 27 Juillet 2019, les Léopards ont remporté la finale de la 1ère édition de la FIBA AfroCan 2019, 82-61 contre le Kenya.

# Players Min Pts FG 2Pts 3Pts FT OREB DREB REB AST PF TO STL BLK +/- EFF
4 Freddy Kalama Luyeye 02:58 0 0/3 0% 0/2 0% 0/1 0% 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -5 -3
5 Alex Ramazani N’Sasse 04:13 1 0/1 0% 0/1 0% 0/0 1/2 50% 1 2 3 0 0 3 0 0 -4 -1
6 Eric Kibi 24:40 9 4/8 50% 4/6 66.7% 0/2 0% 1/1 100% 0 4 4 3 4 0 1 0 20 13
7 Maxi Munanga Shamba 34:41 20 7/13 53.8% 4/6 66.7% 3/7 42.9% 3/6 50% 0 7 7 2 0 3 2 0 15 19
8 Jordan Sakho 23:48 10 5/6 83.3% 5/6 83.3% 0/0 0/1 0% 3 2 5 1 2 1 1 1 30 15
9 Evariste Shonganya 33:56 18 7/11 63.6% 6/8 75% 1/3 33.3% 3/4 75% 3 6 9 9 1 6 4 3 28 32
10 Patrick Mokiango Did not play – Coach decision
11 Jonathan Banza Kasongo 10:45 0 0/1 0% 0/1 0% 0/0 0/0 0 0 0 2 2 1 0 0 8 0
12 Emmanuel Isungu 04:09 0 0/1 0% 0/0 0/1 0% 0/0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 -6 0
13 Arsene Mutomb Mbav 16:42 5 2/6 33.3% 1/1 100% 1/5 20% 0/0 0 5 5 2 1 0 1 0 -8 9
14 Pitchou Kambuy Manga 11:32 4 1/2 50% 1/2 50% 0/0 2/4 50% 0 3 3 0 5 2 1 0 2 3
15 Rolly Fula Nganga 32:36 15 7/12 58.3% 6/8 75% 1/4 25% 0/0 1 5 6 3 2 1 4 3 25 25
Team/Coaches 0 0 0 0 1
Totals 200 82 33/64 51.6% 27/41 65.9% 6/23 26.1% 10/18 55.6% 8 35 43 22 17 18 14 7 21 112
Coach Charly Buzangu Kashala
Coach Charly Buzangu Kashala
Revivez le match :

Maxi Munanga Shamba

Maxi Shamba a été élu MVP et nommé dans le 5 majeur de la finale avec Jordan Sakho. Maxi Shamba, Evarist Shonganya et Rolly Fula Nganga, les meilleurs marqueurs ont planté à eux trois 53 des 82 points. Personnellement, basé uniquement sur les chiffres, j’aurai choisi Evariste Shonganya comme MVP car il a une ligne de stats très bonne. Malgré ses 6 pertes de balles, il a frôlé le triple-double avec 18 points, 9 passes, 9 rebonds, 4 interceptions et 3 contres.

Encore Félicitations à nos Léopards!

[Manaya] Ryan Mutombo


Ryan Mutombo (#35), son of hall famer basketball player Dikembe Mutombo, has won the championship taking place in Atlanta, GA. The young center, already 6’9” (210cm!) and 195lbs (89kg) helped his squad, Team Forrest to win the 16U finals 74-61, making his father proud with 22 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks.


[Misambu] ”Bakalenga” by Bayuda Nouvelle Génération de Kadiyoyo

[Live Stream] 20190601 – Présentation Projet Luba Nation

Désolée pour le son en mono!

Retrouvez-moi en live chaque Samedi du mois de Juin à midi, heure de l’Est (New York) sur YouTube, Twitch, DLive (si vous voulez créer un compte DLive, suivez ce lien; pour les streamers, suivre ce lien pour des bonus) and Periscope.

Suivez Luba Nation sur Instagram @nationluba.

[Misambu] “Ngondu” by Bayuda du Congo (Kadiyoyo)

Live Stream / Live Chat

Hello my friends,

Many have requested chat sessions for Ciluba. Although my accent is not the best, I think we can still exchange and learn from each other about the language and the culture. I see it more like an additional way to share information rather than me providing lessons and courses.
I’m thinking about doing it on my YouTube channel, my Facebook and a few other platforms so people have the choice. I’m currently doing some tests and see what I can do with the equipment I have. I’ll keep you posted. See a sample below:

Leave a comment to let me know where you’d like to connect with me, for any questions or suggestion of topic you’d like to cover.

[Misambu] “Tshiluba” by Ferre Gola

[Misambu] “Mâyi” by Jacques Tshimankinda

A new blues inspired Gospel from our brother Jacques Tshimankinda.

[Spectacle] Un fou noir au pays des blancs – Pie Tshibanda

“Tshilobo” by Mardochée Kayembe

“Ne ukeme” by Bayuda du Congo (Lelimba wa Kucila)


[Politique] Les Présidentielles

Les élections présidentielles du 23 décembre 2018 se préparent tant bien que mal sous l’égide de la CENI.

Candidats reçus pour les présidentielles;

Candidats rejetés pour les présidentielles :

Jean-Pierre Bemba, pour sa condamnation pour subornation de témoins devant la CPI;
Marie-Josée Ikofu, pour non-présentation de preuve de citoyenneté congolaise;
Samy Badibanga, pour non-présentation de preuve de citoyenneté congolaise;
Adolphe Muzito, pour conflit dans son parti (PALU);
Antoine Gigenza, pour défaut de signature;
Jean-Paul Moka-Ngolo, pour défaut de traçabilité de la caution électorale de 100000$;

Candidats reçus à la députation nationale

Calendrier électoral jusque Février 2020

Certains crient à la manipulation de la CENI par la présidence. Aussi j’observe que l’on refuse la double nationalité aux Congolais de la diaspora tandis que beaucoup de politiques congolais ont la double nationalité. Affaire à suivre.

[Bwakulu] Colloquial Expressions: Mwena

Today I’ll introduce you to a frequent word used in Ciluba, mwena. Mwena is used to express the notions of possession, occupation, characteristics and other particularities, belonging, ethnicity. The plural form is beena.

Let’s see a few examples:

mwena diitabuuja un croyant/a believer
mwena mucìma un voleur/a thief
mwena mudimu un ouvrier/a worker
mwena mpatà un sceptique/a sceptic person
mwena mafi un menteur/a liar
mwena sìdâ un sidéen/an AIDS patient
mwena mbòkotù une personne bavarde/a talkative person
mwena mukàndà un intellectuel/an intellectual
mwena mâyi frère/soeur de sang/blood brother/sister
mwena Kalonji un descendant Kalonji/a descendant of Kalonji
mwena taatù descendant du père, membre de la famille proche/descendant of the head of the family, membre de la famille proche
mwena dîku membre de la famille élargie/member of the extended family
mwena kwànyì ma femme/my wife (is it coming for the fact that the women is create from the men’s rib?)

[Mapyamapya] Annoucement / Annonce

[English follows]

Wetu abu,

Pour mon anniversaire, le 17 octobre, j’ai eu le plaisir de donner gratuitement mon livre électronique ”Noms et Surnoms Lubas”. Félicitations à ceux qui se le sont proccuré. Laissez-moi savoir si vous aimer.

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Shalayi bimpa.




Wetu abu,

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