“Cipepele” by Tshala Muana

Nice melody.

Titre: Cipepele (Storm)
Artist: Tshala Muana
Album: Enkor et Toujours
Year: 2008


“Tingalava” by Stewart Sukuma ft. Lokua Kanza

Stewart Sukuma is a Mozambican singer-songwriter. I’m not so sure what is the language he uses here, maybe Emakhuwa or Xichangana (if you know please let me know). This video features the globally reknowned artist Lokua Kanza who sings in Swahili, one of the 4 national languages of Congo. Sukuma is a word that exists in many bantu languages. In Ciluba, Lingala and Swahili it means “push”, “rise” in Zulu,

Title: Tingalava Ny Matlahary Ya Ndzilo
Artist: Stewart Sukuma ft. Lokua Kanza
Album: Nkhuvu
Year: 2008


[Personalitites] Corneille Ewango

Corneille Ewango is a globally known environmentalist and biologist for his work of conservation in Okapi Faunal Reserve located in the Ituri Forest in Eastern Congo. This reserve is classified as World Heritage.
He speaks here about his work, during TED talk, back in 2008

Language: English

His final words are to promote education and I agree. Education is the solution for many problems in this world. and I mean not only school but also values you can transmit to younger generations. If people learn early the good gesture and what they can do to protect their own environment, they is a good chance they will transmit that to their kids as well.