2 thoughts on ““Kanguluba” by Kadiyoyo

  1. I am Afro American I heard this song for the first time an hr ago and it’s been continous bk 2 bk ever since.WHATEEEEVA DA HELL HES SINGING ABOUT,I know one thing ! It appeals to my spirit like only ONE OTHER THING CAN!! I have travelled widely on the Mother continent seen and Heard alot of cultural song n dance. BUT THIS ONE!! MOOVES ME,,

    I wish l could find the lyrics to know Why,

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    1. Hello Mizrahi!
      I’m glad you enjoy this music. It’s from Kasayi, the central region of the Congo 🇨🇩 and for me, it’s the best music there is! 😁 I hope one day I’ll have time to translate unless one of my followers would like to take the time to help you. If you click on the tag “mutwashi”, you will find other songs by the Bayuda of Congo and more.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and share!
      Washala bimpa! 😊


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