Bonjour à tous,

Je vous soumets aujourd’hui un petit questionnaire destiné à raffiner le contenu de ce blog. Ça ne vous prendra que 2 minutes de votre temps. Cela me servira de base pour vous fournir plus d’informations pertinentes. J’espère que vous répondrez en masse. Notez qu’en répondant au questionnaire, vous serez ajouté(e) à ma liste d’envoi. Ainsi vous serez priviligiés et saurez ce qui se passe avant tout le monde, notamment, le lancement de mon prochain livre. N’hésitez pas à partager le lien avec vos familles et amis!

Hello everybody,

Today, I submit to you a little survey destined to refine the content of this blog. It will only take a couple of minutes. It will help me providing more relevant content. I hope you will answer in great number. Note that by answering this quick survey, you’ll be added to my mailing list. That way, you will receive a privileged treatment and know what’s going on before anyone else, such as the launching of my coming book. Don’t hesitate to share the link with your family and friends.

Twasakidila wa bunyi!

2 thoughts on “QUESTIONNAIRE / SURVEY 2017

  1. Im very intrested to about our culture and heritage so much lately thats how i got here its very important for me how can i learn tshiluba , im half muluba from my mom side half mukongo from dad side but tshiluba got my attentiom so bad , since my mom passed away before i was intrested im looking to kno the language so much how can i learn the language


    1. Hello Jessy,
      I remember you from Instagram. I understand the issue you’re dealing with here. The first best solution is to go in complete immersion. This is probably not possible so the next best things is to take classes. There are school that exist. There are also online resources but it’s still difficult. It’s important you find someone who can teach you how to pronounce the words. Where do you live, Jessy?


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