Purple Rapture

Hey people, today’s topic of mine is centered around a very exciting development for me personally. Following on from the tail end of last years excitement for me which saw the retro release of the signature NBA star Patrick Ewing trainer, the Adidas Mutombo is set for a retro release later on this year! (Looks like they finally got a move on with it!)
The signature shoe of Dikembe Mutombo, was a hi-top with lace tabs and Cross colour motif that made this trainer really funky! I had been in search for a long time to find an original pair, but bearing in mind manufacture was over 20 years ago my chances were slim to none! (more so non existent in my case)
This shoe first hit the scene in 1993 when Mutombo was playing for the Denver Nuggets. The value of the originals have sky rocketed over the years so kudos…

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