This reciprocative suffix expresses a repeated action or an action that takes place between two people or objects inducing a mutual effect.

Exemples :
· kudya manger (to eat)kudyangana s’entre-manger (to eat each other)
· kukuma battre (to beat, hit)kukumangana se battre l’un et l’autre (to fight each other)
· kupenda insulter (to insult)kupendangana s’insulter l’un et l’autre (to insult each other)
· kutapa blesser (to hurt)kutapangana se blesser l’un et l’autre (to hurt each other)
· kutuma envoyer (to send)kutumangana s’envoyer l’un et l’autre (to send each other)

Masque Luba / Cifwebe
Masque Luba / Cifwebe

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