[Today in History] February 7th



2016 – DRCongo wins Chan 2016 defeating Mali 3-0. It’s the second time they win this championship, the first occurence being 2009

Dispatches: Remembering Masika, One of Congo’s Heroes

The Democratic Republic of Congo lost a hero this week. Rebecca Masika Katsuva, a women’s rights activist who dedicated her life to helping rape victims in eastern Congo, passed away unexpectedly on February 2.

Masika had a huge heart and incredible courage. She was raped herself – multiple times – and witnessed unimaginable violence against her husband and children. She turned her pain and suffering into action. Her home in Buganga, South Kivu province, was transformed into a support center for victims of sexual violence and children born of rape. Over the years, Mama Masika, as she became known, helped save thousands of lives.

Source: Dispatches: Remembering Masika, One of Congo’s Heroes