“The Chief Enthronement” by Kasayi Allstars

I love this tune. It’s very joyful. I highly recommend you buy this album because it’s as authentic as it gets. Enjoy!


“Bakulumpa Bambila” by Kasayi Allstars

Kasai Allstars is a group absolutely loved by the african music critics and african music lovers and fans. Here’s one of their most recent piece. I bought the album and it’s really good. On the cover the album you can see an electrical likembe. Likembe is one of the traditional instruments of the Luba people and it can actually be found in diverse forms in  most countries of subsaharian Africa.

The lead singer is Papa Kabongo, one of the main actors of baluba folk music.

Title: Bakulumpa Bambila (Thus the Ancestors Spoke)
Artist: Kasayi Allstars
Album: Beware the fetish
Year: 2014


[Discography] Kasayi Allstars

Group composed more than 20 members of Kasayi people from 5 different ethnic groups: Songye, Lulua, Tetela, Luba and Luntu. They’re part of Crammed Discs project Congotronics.

Members: Bosio Tokala Mamie, Didi Bafuafua, Gaby Nsapo Kilolo, Hubert Mputu Ebondo, Kabese Ngandu, Kabongo Tshisensa, Kalenga Ditu, Kanku Nshinga Wa Buanda, Kiabola Mulamba, Mbuyamba Nyunyi, Mopero, Mpanya Mutombo, Muambuyi, Ngalula Ndaye Sylvie, Tandjolo, Tete Mutungilayi, Tshilumba Muamba, Tshimanga Muamba, Yempongo Kadiya

2005 – CONGOTRONICS VOL. 2 – Buzz’N Rumble From The Urb’n’ Jungle



Wa Muluendu – Masanka Sankayi of Kasai Allstars ft. Mutumilayi
Koyile / Nyeka Nyeka (Kasai Allstars ft. Tandjolo)
Kiwembo (Sobanza Mimanisa)
Kabuangoyi (Kasai Allstars ft. Muambuyi)
Soif conjugale (Kisanzi Kongo)
Le Laboureur (Masanka Sankayi ft. Kabongo Tshisensa)
Bosamba Ndeke (Bolia We Ndenge)
Mulume (Vasokin ft. Mi Amor)
T.P. Couleur Café (Konono No. 1)

2008 – In the 7th Moon, the Chief Turned Into a Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of His Enemy by Magic

2008Kasai Allstars - In The 7th Moon


Quick As White
Kafuulu Balu
Beyond The 7th Moon
Mpombo Yetu
Citwa Fwila Mbuloba
Drowning Goat (Mbuji-Mayi)

2014 – Beware The Fetish



The Chief’s Enthronement/Oyaye
Yangye, The Evil Leopard
Salute to Kalombo
Down and Out
He Who Makes Bush Fires for Others
As They Walked Into the Forest on a Sunday, They Encountered Apes Dressed as Humans

Thus Spoke the Ancestors
Beware the Fetish
A Good Husband
In Praise of Homeboys
The Dead Don’t Dance
The Ploughman (Le Laboureur)