[Live Stream] 20190601 – Présentation Projet Luba Nation

Désolée pour le son en mono!

Retrouvez-moi en live chaque Samedi du mois de Juin à midi, heure de l’Est (New York) sur YouTube, Twitch, DLive (si vous voulez créer un compte DLive, suivez ce lien; pour les streamers, suivre ce lien pour des bonus) and Periscope.

Suivez Luba Nation sur Instagram @nationluba.

Live Stream / Live Chat

Hello my friends,

Many have requested chat sessions for Ciluba. Although my accent is not the best, I think we can still exchange and learn from each other about the language and the culture. I see it more like an additional way to share information rather than me providing lessons and courses.
I’m thinking about doing it on my YouTube channel, my Facebook and a few other platforms so people have the choice. I’m currently doing some tests and see what I can do with the equipment I have. I’ll keep you posted. See a sample below:

Leave a comment to let me know where you’d like to connect with me, for any questions or suggestion of topic you’d like to cover.