ImageTabu Ley Rochereau, a legend of Congolese music, passed away on Saturday 30/11/2013. These are 10 of my favourite Tabu Ley’s songs. May he rest in peace…

  1. Femme d’autrui: I only discovered it one Summer in 2003 in Brussels while in a friend’s car and the words spoke to me at a time when other guys were trying to snatch my then girlfriend (now wife). The rhythm section is so funky, the guitar simply hypnotic and Tabu Ley’s vocals from tenor to baritone simply owns the song and takes you to heaven.
  2. C’est comme ca la vie: Arguably, this is his best song lyrically and melodically, but my favourite edges it for personal reasons.
  3. Sarah:Omona wapi divorce basala feti, ba imprimer ba cartes ya invitations batinda na batu, basepela ba langwa, ba bina po batu mibale ba kabwani. A 11 minutes tirade about the joyless proceedings of…

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