The Bantu people.

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The Bantu expansion

The Bantu are thought to have originated from the the area of Nigeria/Cameroon, and started their expansion East and South about 5,000 years ago (3,000 BC). They reached the equatorial rain forest 3500 years ago, entering what is now Uganda, 3000 years ago. It is people of this ancestry that comprised the bulk of the slaves transported across the Atlantic, and most black Americans can trace their ancestry to West and West-central Africa.

Bantu farming

The success of the Bantu was to do with farming. In a pattern repeated the world over throughout history, the farming people expand relatively quickly into lands occupied by hunter gatherers, displacing them, and  absorbing a small number of them into their population.  Prior to 3000 BC the population of sub Saharan Africa looked like the Khoisan people. The Bantu underwent a recent, massive, population explosion and are now numerically superior. If you went back in…

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Sammy Baloji Né le 29 décembre 1978. Works and lives in Lubumbashi/Bruxelles

Sammy Baloji, 35, Democratic Republic of Congo/Belgium Berlin, Germany, February 2014
Sammy Baloji, 35, Democratic Republic of Congo/Belgium
Berlin, Germany, February 2014

Témoin Africa


– Is your photographic art work committed to dealing with the context in which you live?

My work questions the still existing traces of colonisation in Congolese society. In this approach, it expresses a desire to inform and rewrite a story from the present. A present aware of his past and ready to assume the future.

– How does your photography integrate the evolution of your society

Although colonisation dates back 50 years, I integrate the events of the past in a new context of the contemporary Congolese society. The aim is to create a clash between two periods of the same space.

For example: I took photographs of the skull of King Lusinga (the Tabwa chief who was beheaded by Captain Storms during a mission of territorial conquest on behalf of King Leopold II). In this project I re-appropriated the scientific method used in photography in the end…

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