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It makes me think about this conversation I had with a guy from Guinea Konakry. He told me “In my country, there are many dialects that can be regrouped in 5 main languages.” I told him “in Congo there are over 450 languages that can be regrouped in 250 main languages”. He said “I don’t believe that’s bullshit! There must be 20 languages max!”
There I confirmed that Africans in general but more specifically African coming from small countries don’t understand the greatness and complexity of Congo and its population.
He had no problem admitting that there were 5 languages used in a small country less that 500km2 where there could be only one but he would not accept that in a country 5000 times larger there would be at least 25 times more languages.
Go figure!

Tribal Print. Congo is complex and complicated. All the main tribes of Congo are represented in this image, each symbolising its own unique culture, traditions and languages.

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[Personalitites] Corneille Ewango

Corneille Ewango is a globally known environmentalist and biologist for his work of conservation in Okapi Faunal Reserve located in the Ituri Forest in Eastern Congo. This reserve is classified as World Heritage.
He speaks here about his work, during TED talk, back in 2008

Language: English

His final words are to promote education and I agree. Education is the solution for many problems in this world. and I mean not only school but also values you can transmit to younger generations. If people learn early the good gesture and what they can do to protect their own environment, they is a good chance they will transmit that to their kids as well.