At least 63 killed as speeding Congo train derails: government official

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Un train de la Société nationale de chemin de fer (SNCC)

(Reuters) – At least 63 people were killed and 80 were seriously injured in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Katanga province when a train speeding too fast round a bend derailed, a provincial minister said on Wednesday.

Fifty others were trapped inside the goods train after 12 of its carriages flipped off the track in the accident near Likasi, a mining town between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi in the copper and cobalt-rich southeast.

“Evidently the train was going too fast, the driver came to a curve and had to break suddenly leading to the accident,” said Dikanga Kazadi, Katanga’s interior minister.

He said the priority was rescuing those still trapped and a team had been sent to investigate the cause of the accident. A witness said he counted 37 bodies at the scene.

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Study Finds Less Green in the Congo Rain Forest




Years of drier conditions in the Congo River basin in central Africa appear to be affecting trees in the region’s vast rain forests, scientists reported on Wednesday.

Writing in the journal Nature, the researchers said the capacity of the trees to photosynthesize had declined. If this trend continues, they suggested, a long-term result could be changes in the structure and composition of the region’s forests, the largest expanse of rain forest in the world after the Amazon. Those potential changes — which could eventually mean a shift from a classic rain forest with a closed canopy of trees to a more open, savanna-like environment — could affect the region’s biodiversity and its capacity to fix and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The lead researcher, Liming Zhou of the University at Albany, cautioned that the analysis had used only data from remote-sensing satellites, including one that uses…

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Earth Report

Yellow fever in the Democratic Republic of Congo

On 12 March 2014, 2 events of yellow fever were reported in the North and in the South of DRC. Six laboratory-confirmed cases with yellow fever virus infection were reported. Of these, 3 were from Bondo health zone, Orientale Province, 2 from Buta health zone, Orientale Province and 1 from Kikondja health zone, Katanga Province. In total 139 suspected, probable and confirmed cases, including 6 death were reported.

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – update

On 22 April 2014, the Ministry of Health of Jordan reported an additional laboratory-confirmed case of infection with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

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RDC: listes officielles de 271 bénéficiaires de la loi d’amnistie

Congolese Action Youth Platform

Cabinet du Ministère de la Justice à Kinshasa, 19 janvier 2011.

Sept arrêtés signés par le ministre de la Justice portent désormais à 271 le nombre total des bénéficiaires de la loi d’amnistie pour faits insurrectionnels, faits de guerre et infractions politiques. Après la première vague de libération des cinquante prisonniers de Kinshasa, la deuxième vague se fait encore attendre. Les autorités pénitentiaires évoquent le manque

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