Review: Original Beans – Cru Virunga 70% (****)

congolese chocolate


sometimes chocolate makers make things simple… a little rectangular piece I received as a present from my wife, made me smile even before I tried it.

My local “haute chocolat” shop – Hilde Devolder Chocolatier only offers the small pieces, but they are more than enough to create a review.

Original Beans still puts high efforts in creating quality origin chocolate, while helping the conservation of the rainforest cacao is indigenous to.
Every sold bar equals a new cacao tree planted in one of the plantations they cooperate with. In the case of Cru Virunga, they take us to the very heart of dark Africa: Congo. And while you enjoy a nice piece of chocolate and help save natural habitats, you even help protecting the endangered Mountain Gorilla! Original Beans offers so much more than simply chocolate.


Every origin Original Beans create has its own distinct color scheme. The Cru…

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Affaire Mamadou Ndala : les juges sont arrivés à Beni

Congolese Action Youth Platform

mamadou et paluku

Les juges de la cour militaire opérationnelle du Nord-Kivu qui siègera en chambre foraine dans l’affaire Mamadou Ndala sont arrivés à Beni lundi 29 septembre. Le président de cette cour a annoncé une dizaine d’audiences pour faire éclater la vérité sur l’assassinat de l’ancien commandant du 42e bataillon commando des unités de réaction rapide de l’armée congolaise survenu le 2 janvier dernier.

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Unesco’s World Heritage Sites of Congo

Gorillas in Congo

Written by Valentina Romano

The Democratic Republic of the Congo—also known as DRC or Congo—is a country located in Central Africa. Most people are not aware that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not the same as the Republic of Congo, which is a nation located on the northern borders of the DRC.

Salonga 6

Congo borders the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, the Atlantic Ocean, and, as mentioned before, the Republic of Congo.


You are probably wondering how a country could border 9 states and one ocean! Well the DRC can, as it is the second largest country in Africa by area, and the eleventh largest in the world.

a tagbonobos26n-3-web

The UNESCO selected five natural sites located in the DRC, to protect an safeguard under the World Heritage Sites’ List: Garamba National Park (under UNESCO since 1980), Kahuzi-Biega National Park (1980), Okapi Wildlife Reserve (1996),

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Artist of the Month: October with Richard Mosse

CuratingtheContemporary (CtC)

R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011 R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011

CtC’s Artist of the Month for October is this year’s winner of the prestigious Deutsche Boerse Prize. Richard Mosse (b. 1980) is an Irish conceptual documentary photographer currently based in the US. His project, The Enclave, is the final result of his work in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

For its continuous wars, Congo is perceived in the western world as a place of darkness. By using an obsolete infrared film, once employed to reveal camouflaged stations, Mosse represents it instead as a surreal world of colours and light. At the same time though, his hallucinated view intends to underline the insufficiency of the photographic means in representing Congo’s disillusioned and overly troubled situation.

For the 55th Venice Biennale, in which Richard Mosse represented Ireland, The Enclave was turned into an immersive video installation shot on discontinued military surveillance film and accompanied by…

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