Lingala: Ki kamarade ya bomwana tango mosusu elekaka bondeko.

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Lingala: Ki kamarade ya bomwana tango mosusu elekaka bondeko.

Ki kamarade ya bomwana tango mosusu elekaka bondeko.

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Increasing Mai-Mai attacks in Katanga raise security risks to DRC mining operations and road cargo

Silent War Journal


IHS Jane’s Intelligence Weekly

Key Points

  • Following an amnesty law and military successes against rebel groups in North Kivu, rebel activity is shifting south to Katanga.
  • Bakata Katanga and FDLR rebel groups remain active and, under pressure from successful military advances, are likely to increase attacks on civilians and road cargo in Katanga.
  • Risks to cargo to and from Zambia, travellers and mining operations will rise in Katanga, mainly in the Pweto ‘death triangle’ but also in and around the provincial capital, Lumumbashi.


The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warned on 23 April that the mineral-rich southern province of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo was at risk of becoming a “humanitarian catastrophe” due to deteriorating security. Despite a recently passed amnesty law for rebels and army deployment against armed groups in Katanga, armed attacks by separatist ‘self-defence militia’ groups are likely to increase…

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