Resilience has taken on new meaning in Congo. In the U.S., we use the word resilience to describe someone who has made something of their life after a hard childhood, or managed to recover after a deep personal loss, or has endured a difficult situation. All of these scenarios can be painful and deeply troubling, but in Congo, the word resilience means something else entirely. Today, I heard a story so horrific that it is hard to write the words.  Katrina* was raped by members of an armed group after her husband was killed. She was then forced to eat his genitals while her two young daughters were raped. Her family abandoned her, calling her a “sorceress” and blaming her for the attacks. She was left alone to care for her two daughters who became pregnant as a result of the rapes. Katrina’s story is beyond my comprehension. Despite the unimaginable…

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